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Your hotel's new
best friend

A revolutionary wellness technology
for bed bug prevention

Bed bugs are increasing rapidly around the world
and causing anxiety to both travelers and hoteliers.

Find out why

Bed bugs can be introduced to hotel rooms via luggage - anywhere, anytime. They remain usually unnoticed for a long time, exposing hundreds of guests to them. A failure to detect bed bugs early leads to an increase in bed bugs and an infestation. The pesky parasites then hitchhike their way to guests’ homes inside luggage. This chain of events is the reason for the rapid increase in bed bug populations worldwide.

This possibility of encountering bed bugs during travels is causing unprecedented anxiety. The hardest part is the negative stigma: nobody wants to talk about bed bugs. Because of this, even if there were hotels where there exists no possibility of encountering bed bugs, travelers could not find them.

We believe this would be such a waste.

The new essential for contemporary
luxury travel

With Valpas, hotels personalize their guest experience to the needs of modern guests by making their hotel bed bug proof.

Travelers recognize Valpas Collaborator hotels from the Valpas certificate, and can find the forward-thinking hotels directly from our website, too.

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How it works

The Valpas system is bioengineered to respond to bed bugs’ natural behavior, and integrated with the latest IoT technology for autonomous and easy usability.

The system keeps guests and the hotel safe from hitchhiking bed bugs by capturing them inside the bed leg and notifying the user of prevented incidents. By working autonomously around the clock, the system captures bed bugs early enough before they become a problem.

Smart bed legs


Web service

Smart bed legs

The most effective method,
combined with a modern approach.

With their positioning and special coating, Valpas bed legs attract bed bugs on their way for human blood. With its integrated detachable and easy-to-empty trap that bed bugs can’t escape from, the legs act as an autonomous pitfall trap.


Early prevention,
zero maintenance.

The integrated trap inside the bed legs has optical sensors that detect bed bugs. Every leg automatically connects to a Valpas smart mesh network to deliver the information in a scalable, reliable and secure way.

Web service

Full peace of mind,
around the clock.

The Valpas web service provides real time information on room status. If any bed bugs are caught, Valpas gives instructions to inspect and empty the trap. All within hours of the introduction so any harm won’t happen.

Easy to install
and no maintenance needed.

Just exchange your existing bed legs with Valpas bed legs and you are ready. With a wireless self-sustaining bluetooth mesh network, the Valpas system requires no configuration to the hotel’s wifi.

Designed for any hotel bed.

Thanks to its universal attachment mechanism, any hotel can get the Valpas system. Replace your casters or bed legs with Valpas smart bed legs.



12,0 cm
20,5 cm
6,3 cm
6,3 cm

Bed frame attachments

M8 thread

M10 thread

Threaded base plate


Colour: Valpas Grey

2x AAA batteries
Battery life up to 6 years


Glider pads for easy moving and
floor protection