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new best friend.

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Autonomous bed bug safety.
Full peace of mind.

Valpas’ patented smart legs capture bed bugs before they do harm. Full prevention, zero maintenance.

Leading the way.

The best early detection technology for bed bug prevention in the world.

Smart and beautiful.

Sleek Nordic design and revolutionary IoT-technology built to last longer than your bed.

A set of bed legs with peace of mind included.

Catch bugs from the floor and straight from the bed.

A Valpas bed leg is a beacon for any bed bug that comes near. A specially designed surface coating attracts bugs and drives them in a trap inside the Valpas bed leg. The bugs remain trapped inside the leg where sensors detect them and a wireless notification is sent. The trap is detachable from the bed leg and enables quick and easy extermination.

Bed bugs are introduced to a hotel room by unsuspecting guests. Bed bugs hitch a ride with luggage or other belongings and crawl out from hiding usually during night time to hunt for a blood meal. Bed bugs move around the bed, attracted by the CO2 exhaled by sleeping guests or potential hosts.

Check room status anytime, anywhere.

Receive email notifications and live monitor all your Valpas protected rooms on your smartphone or computer. Valpas lets you know immediately if your attention is needed, before that you can rest assured.

The Valpas system is easy to install. Just change your existing bed legs with Valpas bed legs and you are ready. With a wireless self-sustaining bluetooth mesh network, Valpas requires no internet configuration.

What’s your size?

Replace your casters or bed legs with Valpas smart bed legs. Choose from a variety of bed frame attachments including a standard M8 thread insert or customized adapter parts.

Models range from a short raiser up to a 28 cm (11 in) bed.

Glider pads allow easy moving of the bed on carpeting, wood or laminate flooring.