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We are on a mission to advance contemporary and conscious travel.

Everything we do is grounded in one belief.

We believe the gnarliest problems require the most transformative solutions.

That’s why, after a personal experience in a bungalow with bed bugs in 2013, we could not ignore how existing solutions neglected both people and hotels.

We started by remediating bed bug infestations with heat, helping over a thousand properties. Yet we were not satisfied: bed bugs keep increasing, people increasingly fear encountering them, and all hotels are exposed to hitchhiking bed bugs, leading to devastating consequences, unnecessarily.

That’s why after four arduous years of development we built Valpas - to allow people to travel the world serene from bed bugs. For it, we collaborate with contemporary and conscious hotels who act as change agents for a safer and more sustainable guest experience and, in the long term, world.

We are a group of nonconformist technologists, non-compromising designers and passionate travelers.