Five IoT Solutions That Can Improve Your Guest Experience Radically

Emilia Jaakkola | 6th of September 2018

Anticipating guests’ needs and creating personalized experiences is becoming a norm in hospitality industry. Competition is fierce and in order to stand out, modern systems need to be implemented to provide the satisfaction the contemporary traveller requires. Take a look at our list of convenient IoT solutions that will significantly improve every hotel’s guest experience.

Amazon Alexa – voice-based interaction with services and devices

“Hey, Alexa. I’d like to listen to some music.”

“Okay, let me play some smooth jazz.”

Alexa enables the guest to use voice-control on different smart home devices. It’s basically a guest’s personal butler who never gets tired of fulfilling their needs. Alexa can be configured by hospitality providers to allow guests to control and adjust in-room devices such as lights, thermostats, blinds and TVs. By conducting routine tasks, Alexa enables hotel staff to focus more on face to face interaction with guests.

Mount Kelvin – in-room control system handled by the guest

To read a book, you need a bright light. For a romantic evening with your special one…something completely different. Specialized lighting, such as setting blue tones in the morning to help people wake up naturally, as well as dimming lights in the evening to aid sleep, has a big impact on guest experience. Usually travelers sleep lighter in unfamiliar surroundings, so making the temporary bedroom in line with personal preferences is a genius way of adding customization to a guest’s trip. Mount Kelvin gives a guest perfect control over the entire palette of lights, curtains, heating and air conditioning. All these can be controlled with wireless switches, a mobile app or a voice controlled device, like Amazon Alexa presented above. 

Flic – a wireless button with customizable actions

Has someone called your reception to ask for more towels or coffee? With Flic your guest could notify your housekeepers about it with a press of a button. Ordering services and sending automated messages has never been this easy. Flic is a wireless switch which lets you control devices, apps and services with just a press. 

NEST Thermostats – a thermostat that adapts to daily routines

Equipping hotel rooms with smart thermostats helps you save both money and energy: once the thermostat is connected with the hotel’s booking system and occupancy information, the cooling or heating costs of vacant rooms are minimized. When it comes to guest experience, we all have different preferences. Some people love falling asleep in a cold room, some waking up in a warm bed. Guests can control the Nest Thermostat from anywhere with the Nest app. 

Valpas – autonomous bed bug prevention

There’s one thing that can ruin the guest experience for good: bed bugs. Valpas has developed an autonomous bed bug prevention system that allows guests to stay carefree from bed bug anxiety at exciting hotels around the world. By replacing their existing bed legs with Valpas’ smart legs, hotels can monitor the rooms in real-time and receive notifications of eliminated bed bugs caught inside the legs. With Valpas, your hotel's reputation and room rates are safeguarded and guest satisfaction and ratings increased. 

The commonality that can be derived from all of the above examples is simple: a positive impact on the guest experience. By anticipating guests' needs, personalised experiences can be tailor-made through the utilisation of IoT systems: providing both streamlined, cost-effective processes as well as a happy, retained customer.

Valpas is a Finnish design and technology startup that advances contemporary and conscious travel with new IoT technology. Valpas’ wellness system lets people travel the world serene from bed bug anxiety at exciting Valpas Collaborator hotels. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and Dubai, UAE.