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Personalise your hotel
for the modern guest.
Get Valpas.

Guests attract to hotels with the
nicest worlds.

At best, hospitality is about building an alternate ideal world, where the
shortcomings of the real world do not reach. To do that, hotels need
to listen for the changing needs of guests and create their alternate
worlds accordingly.

"VALPAS improves our guest experience by
communicating that at the F6 you can stay carefree,
before the guests have even booked a room."

General manager, Hotel F6
#1 Tripadvisor hotel in Finland

The new ideal hotel world is
not open for bed bugs.

Today, the possibility of encountering bed bugs is one of the biggest concerns
for travels. That’s no surprise, because they can tag along anyone from nearly
anywhere, anytime. Given the opportunity, any guest would prefer to travel
serene and stay at bed bug proof spaces.

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Hotel Duxiana Malmö

Valpas Collaborator hotels
- the new breed of contemporary

See your RevPar, NPS and reputation soar for the long
term with your guests increasingly enjoying their stay
— and coming back.

Travelers recognize Valpas Collaborator hotels from the
Valpas certificate, and can find the extraordinary
hotels directly from our website.

"VALPAS helps us deliver a carefree experience to today’s guests and communicate we take every detail into account for a great hotel stay. "

Hotel director, Hotel Hanaholmen

"We want to actively advocate a solution like this that is simple and natural which in the end creates a greater guest experience."

Owner, Hotel Duxiana

Hotel Hanaholmen

Hotel F6

Future-proof your hotel
with Valpas' revolutionary technology.

Before, you had no choice. Now, you do.
Make your hotel bed bug proof for the satisfaction
of your guests and long-term business.